This is what you can expect from Apple iOS 15

Apple will announce iOS 15 at the upcoming WWDC. These are the new features we expect from the operating system.

WWDC is about to kick off and Apple is likely to unveil iOS 15 at the event. There is no official information about this for the time being, but like every year we already know roughly what we can expect from the new operating system. Without further ado, we put together all the leaks and rumors about iOS 15 for iPhone in this article.

What to expect from Apple iOS 15

For which devices?

To start with the bad news; it seems that users with older iPhones will not be upgraded to iOS 15. According to the latest rumors, the iPhone 6s and SE, among others, will no longer be upgraded. Those are the last devices that still run on iOS 14.


One of the big new features (relatively then) is the notification system. Users can choose more status options, with notifications coming in that match the respective status. This way you should be able to set what notifications you receive, depending on whether you are in the car, at work or in bed. Users could even create custom statuses with corresponding notifications.


Apple will also continue to address privacy-related features with iOS 15. After all, Apple always claims to be a champion of the privacy of its users. After a recent update, users could already indicate whether or not they wanted to share data. iOS 15 should then provide more information about which data you share. A similar feature was recently introduced for Android 12 as well.

Apple Food?

Apple also seems to be working on a food tracker for the Health app, MacRumors claims. Little concrete information is known about the function, but it cannot be very much. In all likelihood, users will soon be able to register food eaten in the Health app. Then the app will keep track of all nutritional values ​​and calories. That, in combination with the fitness features, will aim to help the user live a healthier life.

By the way tweaks

Furthermore, Apple reportedly brings some small improvements to iOS 15. Among other things, the notification bar needs to be cleaned up. Dark Mode is getting an update. iMessage should look more like WhatsApp, although it is not known whether this concerns an appearance or content.

The WWDC kicks off on Monday 7 June. Then Apple will probably officially announce iOS 15 (and iPadOS 15).

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