this is what we expect from the AirPods 3

They could be revealed any moment: the third generation AirPods. We list the most important and most reliable rumors in our video of the week.

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Video of the week: AirPods 3 expectations

We’ve been waiting for it for months, the features have been leaked and we’ve even seen them in pictures: the AirPods 3. All the lights seem to be green for the next generation of Apple wireless earbuds to be unveiled.

Still, several Apple events have passed without a reveal. So it’s high time to take stock in our video of the week: when do we expect the AirPods 3 and more importantly: how will they distinguish themselves from the previous generation?

For example, in the video we discuss the new design, which is very similar to that of the AirPods Pro. But there are also new functions. That way you will be fully informed in a few minutes.

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