This is what viewers can expect from Netflix, Disney + and Prime Video in 2021

Streaming services are a trend in and of themselves. But what is currently happening in the industry that is home to Prime Video, Netflix and Disney +? GIGA has an overview of the streaming trends for 2021.

Streaming services are on the rise, the triumphal march really began a few years ago with Netflix, since then Amazon and Disney have joined them and other smaller, also national providers have long been on board. All of them offer their content to the public for money, even if there are different models. We, the customers, have each other in a certain way used to the offer: Series and films come straight into your living room, Bingen is nothing unusual and many have subscriptions to several streaming services. But what are the current trends in the streaming market?

More and more, faster and faster: Netflix and Co. need superlatives

Admittedly, it is rather unlikely that the average user will manage to look “empty” the Prime Video or Netflix libraries, the choice is huge. It has to be like that, because who would continue to pay money if there are no more new series, films or documentaries to be seen? The streaming services have to produce more and more.

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In the meantime, people are increasingly relying on it, again and again start new series, looking for the next huge success. Too bad for some users, because it also means that they are cherished Series often do not continue. The times when the series ran well over 10 seasons are already a thing of the past. What also contributes to this: Successful series actors are becoming more expensive for the studios from season to season. For example, some members of the cast of The Big Bang Theory received $ 1 million per episode prior to the end of the series.

The nostalgia hype

Producing a lot and cheaply does not always mean that something completely new will come out of it. Quite the opposite well-known series and films are often reissued or continued years later. Classics with a new look are for example Fuller House or the karate kid series Cobra Kai on Netflix. Disney is also very knowledgeable about this, relying on real-life adaptations of its cartoon classics with The Lion King, Mulan and currently Cruella. New medium, slightly different perspective and modern technology and you can do it get even more out of old stories.

Draw from the full with franchises

The undisputed king in this discipline is Disney: The Marvel Cinematic Universe and Star Wars – the first franchise as we know it today – belong to the Disney group. And both deliver a lot of content for Disney + in the form of series and films, short films and behind-the-scenes documentaries. Like George Lucas when he almost casually invented merchandise, Disney is now getting the most out of its large content universes. With the takeover of MGM, Amazon is also steering this course.

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Exclusive films and series decide

The competition is getting tougher between the major streaming services. Globally, Netflix is ​​the market leader with Amazon Prime Video close to second, but Disney + has grown extremely fast. they all are increasingly relying on in-house productions and exclusive contracts. This should strengthen the brands in the competition and attract more customers. National providers such as TVNOW in Germany are using the same strategy on a smaller scale.

Social media: the big competition

Streaming services are in tough competition with TikTok, Instagram and Co. Both areas do not offer the same thing, but compete for the time of the customers. For example, the short films on Disney + can be seen as an attempt to offer a pastime similar to TikTok. Netflix’s plans to focus on more user interaction with the new N-Plus feature are also going in this direction. You also want yourself that way direct and quick feedback pick up.

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