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this is what the small S10 looks like

Samsung will release a cheap version of the Galaxy S10 next year. In contrast to the top model and S10 Plus, this device does not have a borderless screen, but a flat display with the selfie camera.


‘Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite design leaked’

That claims Ice Universe . This smartphone-nice has put online images on which the design of the cheapest S10 can be seen. According to the telecom insider, the Galaxy S10 Lite, as he calls the device, has a borderless but unbridged screen. This makes the display flat, unlike the regular Galaxy S10 and S10 Plus.

The Galaxy S10 Lite, which could also be called S10 Mini, gets a remarkable screen according to the smartphone. The front camera is in the display processed, so you see in one of the corners a black, small circle of the self lens. Samsung calls this the ‘Infinity-O’-screen.

Furthermore, the device has a fingerprint scanner on the side. This has been incorporated into the power button, just like the recently-released Galaxy A7 (2018) . According to the smartphone, the S10 Lite also has a dual camera on the back. Nothing is known yet about resolutions and functions.

We already know about the Galaxy S10 Lite

Based on previous rumors we expect the cheapest Galaxy S10 variant to have about the same hardware as the top model. This probably comes down to a Snapdragon 855 chip, 4GB RAM and 64GB storage.

According to Benjamin Geskin, another telecom insider, the Galaxy S10 Lite will cost about 600 to 700 euros. The regular top model and the Plus version probably go for 900 and 1000 euros over the counter. When Samsung actually releases the Galaxy S10 Lite it would be the first smaller phone from a flagship since 2014. Then the South Korean company put the Galaxy S5 Mini on the market.

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