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This is what the new Google Assistant navigation bar looks like

It looks like the Assistant app will get an update soon. Google will adjust the navigation bar at the bottom, making it easier to ask questions and find things with one hand.


‘Google Assistant navigation bar is being modified’

The navigation bar at the bottom of the Assistant app currently consists of three buttons: the microphone, a shortcut to Google Lens and the keyboard. This way you can look up information and ask questions with your voice, camera and by typing . The ‘Visual snapshot’ button, which gives you an overview of your activities in one day, and Explore function, you will find at the top right.

These two buttons move in the latest version of the Google Assistant to the bottom of the screen. They are processed in the navigation bar, making it easier to reach with one hand. The day view button is now at the bottom left, while you open the Explore tab on the right.

The three current buttons – Google Lens, microphone and keyboard – slide towards each other and stand snugly in the middle. In this way, all the ways to ask questions are next to each other.

A test, or more?

Google is testing new functions and possibilities on the conveyor belt. It is therefore not yet clear whether this is a permanent change, or simply a test. However, the new layout makes better use of the screen space, which makes it logical that Google will actually publish the update.

Phone screens are becoming larger and more elongated, so navigation buttons move more to the bottom. Many people operate their phones one-handedly making it difficult to press buttons midway or at the top of the display.

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