This is what the iPhone 14 with pill-shaped notch could look like

Jeff Grossman

Notch or no notch for the iPhone 14? That is the question of 2022. Sample photos of an iPhone 14 have now surfaced.

Earlier we wrote that the notch (the notch) may be a design element from Apple. Everyone recognizes an iPhone by this notch, among other things. Still, many pundits think Apple will tack on and make the notch smaller. It is therefore expected that the smartphone will be delivered with a pill-shaped notch. Now there are pictures of that.

iPhone 14 Pill Notch

Developer Jeff Grossman has made a mockup. This is an example of what the device could look like. On the mockup you see the start screen and the pill-shaped notch. The notch, rather than continuous with the bezel of the device, is centered slightly below the bezel and is shorter in length and height, providing significantly more screen space on either side.

Apple has previously made the notch smaller with the iPhone 13, but the extra space has not been used. For example, users will still not be able to view the battery percentage in the status bar, but instead have to swipe down to the Control Center. Many users find this inconvenient. If the notch is really adjusted, then you would think this could change.

Ideally this would be (photo via MacRumors).


It would be a completely new design language from the American company. Since the iPhone X, the (large) notch has been on the smartphone. A pill-shaped notch would mean that Apple would have to put several sensors and the TrueDepth camera system in a smaller footprint. Face ID and the technology behind it should also be adapted. Rumors so far suggest that only the high-end ‌iPhone 14‌ models will have a pill-shaped notch, while the lower-end variants will continue with the full-sized notch.

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