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This is what happens to your old iPhone when you go to trade it in

You can trade in your old iPhone via Apple and other (web) shops. But what happens to your old iPhone afterwards?

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Trade in old iPhone: this is what happens with it

The majority of traded-in iPhones are refurbished and then resold for a lower price. How exactly this works and on what scale this is done can be seen in a new video from The Wall Street Journal.

You get a behind the scenes look at US Mobile Phones (USMP). This company processed more than 2.5 million trade-ins last year, and most of them were iPhones.

In the video you can see the process that an iPhone 11 undergoes after it has been exchanged for a new device. That process includes data erasure, cleaning, component assessment, and bonding. It’s just one of 3,000 iPhones that arrived at USMP at the same time.

This will yield your old iPhone

The old iPhone traded in in the video ends up selling for $350. The trade-in value of the iPhone was about $200, so that’s quite a good profit. This price gives the consumer a nice discount, while also leaving enough profit for the company. The margin is somewhere between 10 and 15 percent.

But of course there are some costs when trading in an old iPhone. Refurbishing the devices costs money and reduces profits by about 10 percent on average. And then there are also iPhones that are too bad for repair and cause even more loss. But because it happens on such a large scale, it is definitely worth it.

Apple Trade In and Refurbished iPhone

If you are ready for a new iPhone yourself, you can use the Apple Trade In service. You can also choose to purchase a refurbished iPhone through Apple. The best choice for you depends on the device you currently have. You can see the best deals for a refurbished iPhone 14 below:

Apple iPhone 14 offers

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