This is the TOP 10 Android games that Slovaks download most often (3/2021)

In the third part of this year’s series with the most downloaded games, we will again look at the ones that Slovaks download the most. We draw information from the website. Most games are downloaded by children, and the current rankings correspond to this. In the TOP 10 we usually find simpler titles, which are intended primarily for children. The best games did not make it to the rankings, as usual. This is the current ranking of the most downloaded games in Slovakia in March 2021.

Before installing a game from this list, we recommend that you review its ratings. We do not guarantee their functionality and quality, this is exclusively a list of the most downloaded games in Slovakia.


2 Sculpt people

3 High Heels!

4 Going Balls

5 Phone Case DIY

6 Pencil Rush 3D

7 Tricky Track 3D

8 Questions and Answers. Free Trivia Game: QuizzLand.

9 Girl Genius

10 Water Sort Puzzle

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