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This is the Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus ‘in the wild’

The Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus has surfaced ‘in the wild’ and proof of this has been shared with the rest of the world on Twitter. The photos show the phone with its thin bezels and round camera notch at the top of the screen

Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus photos

The Samsung Galaxy S21 will be announced on January 14, 2021, and as that launch draws closer, we’re also noticing the rumor mill working overtime. This time, photos of the Galaxy S21 Plus have surfaced and it is Mauri QHD which she shares on Twitter. That is special because so far have only seen renders, press images and videos. The photos below show the high-end device in real life, as we will also see it in January.

This is the Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus 'in the wild'
This is the Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus 'in the wild'

We know this about the S21 series

In the meantime, almost everything has been leaked about Samsung’s S21 series. We got to see all the official wallpapers and prices and the specifications are also known. It also recently became known that the digital assistant Bixby on the S21 series may disappear from the home screen and a hands-on video has also been leaked. Here at Androidworld, it was recently announced that the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra is the phone you are most looking forward to in 2021. Would you like to see a handy overview of all the details of the S21 series? Then you have come to the right place at Androidworld.

Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus

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