This is the most expensive speedboat on Marktplaats

The most expensive speedboat on Marktplaats is the tuned Mercedes among the boats. Literal!

Here on Apparata, boats pass by regularly, because it’s just really cool. The water is always a great adventure and floating around on a gigantic yacht is a dream for many. But if you’re more of a speed demon, there’s always something like the speedboat. Where you fight the water with brute force from large engines.

Most expensive speedboat on Marktplaats

That’s why we searched for the most expensive speedboat on Marktplaats for you. What is it and what can you do with it? It is an Axopar Brabus Shadow 500. Axopar is a manufacturer of – as they say themselves – adventure boats, while we know Brabus better from tuned cars. Brabus has also lent their name and engineering to this fast boat.


In any case, the speed is good. The Axopar Brabus Shadow Edition can go a maximum of about 54 knots, or 100 km/h, with a cruising speed of 43.2 kn (80 km/h). This is thanks to two Mercury Pro XS 250 engines that together produce 500 hp.


But back to the boat itself. Brabus is not only known for thick tuning, but also for making the most expensive speedboat of Marktplaats nice and luxurious. What about the beautiful leather seats that you get, or other finishes in red leather. By the way, the example shown is from press photos, the ‘real’ one is grey. The finish and luxury is ‘unprecedented’, so nice and luxurious for a speedboat.

For sale

Soon you will be able to buy this genius speedboat. As said, not cheap, but then you have something. The most expensive speedboat of Marktplaats costs 220,000 euros. You show interest on the advertisement of the Axopar Brabus.

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