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The AirPods Pro (2) come with different silicone attachments that you can replace. But removing the caps is sometimes quite difficult. No worries! This is the easiest way to change the caps.

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AirPods Pro replacement tips: this is the best way

The AirPods Pro and the AirPods Pro 2 both have silicone tips that fit perfectly in your ears. At least, if you grabbed the right size. Apple has devised a handy Fit Test for this that checks whether the ear cushions really provide a good seal. You can find this Fit Test by connecting the AirPods to your iPhone and then tapping ‘Settings > AirPods Pro > Fit Test’.

Sometimes the caps do not fit well or the Fit Test even indicates that they do not close properly. You then have to replace the attachments yourself with one of the other supplied caps. Have you already lost the spare caps of the AirPods Pro? Then you can also reorder the eartips from Apple.

Do you want to replace the attachments of your AirPods Pro? That happened in no time. Follow the steps below to switch them.

How to replace AirPods Pro attachments: step-by-step

  1. Remove the AirPods Pro from the box and immediately grab the extra attachments;

    AirPods Pro 2 with extra attachments

  2. Take one of the AirPods and turn the silicone tip inside out;

    AirPods attachment

  3. Pull the attachment off the AirPod, trying to grasp the eartip as close to the earpiece as possible;

    Remove AirPods attachment

  4. Take one of the new attachments and look at the shape. Snap the new silicone cap onto the AirPod properly.

    Click AirPods attachment into place

When you remove the attachments from the AirPods Pro for the first time, you sometimes have to apply quite a bit of force. As long as you grab the silicone cap as close as possible to the AirPods, you can easily remove them. Don’t forget to detach and replace the attachment of the other AirPods as well.

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