This is the brand new Apple Watch Series 7

The packed Apple event will also be used to unveil the brand new Apple Watch Series 7. This is all new.

In addition to the iPhone 13 and the new series of iPads, there is also a reveal for the lovers of smartwatches. The new Apple Watch Series 7 was also unveiled today and it’s quite a big change. Here’s what you need to know about the updated watch.

Better screen

First, the Apple Watch Series 7’s screen has been improved on many fronts. The screen is perhaps the most important change. Not only has the screen grown, the bezels are also much smaller. This also means that the sizes are different from now on: the Series 7 comes in 41mm and 45mm, while it used to be 38 and 42mm and later 40 and 44mm. The screen is also brighter than ever before and the device is IP6X dust-free.


A larger screen is nice anyway, but it also brings a very nice feature to the Apple Watch Series 7: a full keyboard! You can receive messages and emails on the current array of Apple Watches, but only respond with a set of preset replies or speak with Siri. So now you can just type to answer things like that.

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