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This is the best Transformers movie that many missed out on

Even before the war of the alien robots came to Earth, one was among us having his own adventure.

In 1987, the Autobots almost lost the war for their home planet against the Decepticons. In the last resort the Auobot “bumble bee” sent to Earth to set up a base there. But as soon as he arrives on earth, the scout has to defend himself against a Decepticon after a crash and then falls into a kind of rigidity. But before that, he scans a yellow Volkswagen Beetle and transforms himself into it so that he doesn’t attract attention. Young Charlie (Hailee Steinfeld) accidentally finds the car on her eighteenth birthday and wants to repair it. In doing so, she reawakens the robot and realizes too late that she is in the middle of the beginning of a war. There is a spin-off to the Transformers movies on Friday, May 26, 2023 at 8:15 p.m. on ProSiebenor alternatively in Watch streaming subscription at Joyn.

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Bumblebee is the rear guard of the Transformers

2007 with the first “Transformers” Started as fireworks of explosions and CGI robotic monster battles, the series, directed by Michael Bay, has become an absolute blockbuster over the years. The sequel “Transformers Revenge” was able to record even more than the original, even though the reviews were sobering. But the viewers wanted more and so the finale of the planned story was included “Transformers 3” and the subsequent soft reboot “Transformers: Age of Extinction” even more successful.

But then it did, as part five was a massive step backwards for most in terms of quality, and interest in the battles between the robots dwindled. So could “Transformers-The Last Knight” hardly bring in half of its predecessors and was considered a flop due to the huge production and marketing costs. Meanwhile, “Bumblebee” was born in the wake of the fifth film as a rather idiosyncratic and smaller-scale spin-off. The decision to hire another director in Travis Knight and change the tone of the film, as well as its acting, paid off. Measured against the numbers of the main series, “Bumblebee” could not compare, but due to the low cost and the very good reviews, it was considered Success.

Bumblebee sets the new direction

The way the first five Transformers movies didn’t seem to work with audiences, but Bumblebee did. That’s how the studio decided on the future of the series, namely “Transformers: Rise of the Beasts”some Elements and approaches from the film to adopt the fan favorite. The next entry in the Transformers franchise should therefore be more focused and also serve a less modern timeline with the year 1994.

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