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This is the best smart home product of 2020 according to Androidworld (Readers)

Claudia, Jeffrey and Sebastien from Androidworld have nominated their favorite device in a different category every day for the past week. You then voted for one of these nominees. In this article, you will find out which smart home product is the best of 2020 according to Androidworld and the Androidworld Community.

Best Smart Home Product of 2020

With the new year 2021 approaching, we are taking a moment to look back one last time at all the beauty that tech manufacturers have spoiled us with this year. We now have the results of the election of the best smart home product of 2020. This shows that the Chromecast with Google TV came out on top with a large majority of no less than 80%.

These were the nominees

1. Google Chromecast with Google TV (68 euros) – by Claudia Rahanmetan

“The Chromecast with Google TV should be the entertainment center of your living room. At least I get that feeling and the stick largely succeeds. The interface of Google TV is very clear and intuitive. The (account) settings are not too complicated. and very easy to understand. The remote control also works fine, also in combination with voice commands (from a distance). You can quickly operate the device with your eyes closed. If I don’t think it can withstand a fall on the stone floor I can recommend this device. You get access to a complete smart TV platform for less than 70 euros, which you can run on any TV with an HDMI connection. “

This is the best smart home product of 2020 according to Androidworld (Readers)
2. Google Nest Audio (99.99 euros) – by Jeffrey van de Velde

“For less than 100 euros you get a speaker with a sturdy housing, beautiful finish and handy buttons to operate the speaker, without them standing out too much in the whole. Not only that: you also get a speaker that is much better. sounds then its predecessor, the Google Home.If you still have that speaker, I would certainly recommend an upgrade.

This is mainly due to the sound of the Nest Audio and the microphones that have done their job superbly in all test situations. Near or far, the speaker understands what you say. If you prefer not to, or if you have multiple Nest or Home speakers, you can switch off the microphones with a physical switch on the speaker. Not new, but present and in my opinion an addition that should not be missed on such a smart speaker. “

This is the best smart home product of 2020 according to Androidworld (Readers)
3. Lenovo Smart Tab M8 (139 euros) – by Sebastien Marien

“The Lenovo Smart Tab M8 is a versatile device. You can use the device as an 8 inch tablet, but as soon as you put the tablet in the charging station, it functions as a smart home hub via the Ambient Mode of the Google Assistant. Charging Station where you can put the tablet in. This part has three functions, you can use it as a standard, as a charging station and as a smart home hub with Google Assistant Ambient Mode.

Especially the last function makes this tablet very interesting. Especially in combination with the suggested retail price of 139 euros. With this device you have an alternative to the Google Nest Hub that you can also use as a compact tablet. “

This is the best smart home product of 2020 according to Androidworld (Readers)

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