This is the best series on Disney+

Disney+ is particularly popular with Marvel and Star Wars fans. But the streaming provider has a lot more to offer. This also includes the inconspicuous series “The Bear”. We explain why the dramedy series is a real critics’ favorite and tell you the start date of the second season.

The Bear is a real series insider tip

Disney+ has developed into a stalwart competition for Netflix and Amazon Prime. This is mainly due to top-class licenses such as “Star Wars” or “Marvel”. But there are also many pearls on the streaming provider that receive far less attention. This includes, for example, the funny vampire series “What We Do in the Shadows” or the thriller series “Dopesick”.

But The Bear is extremely popular with criticsa series about a small sandwich shop that regularly burns the air.

You can watch the official trailer here:

The Bear | Official Trailer | Disney+

On the review aggregator Rotten Tomatoes keeps the dramedy series an incredible critic score of 100 percent. Or to put it another way: Not a single one of the 78 critics rated the series negatively. And the users also praise The Bear to the skies with 91 percent.

The second season will start on June 22, 2023 and again the reviews roll over their heads. On Metacritic enters the series with a score of 91 percent. Rotten Tomatoes awards another perfect score.

Disney got lucky with The Bear

Strictly speaking, The Bear is about not a Disney production. In fact, the series comes from Hulu, but is broadcast in Germany via Disney +, since the actual streaming provider is not legally available in this country.

If you are generally series fans, then we still have Another recommendation for you: Silo. The dystopian sci‑fi series inspires horror legend Stephen King, among others. All details in this article:

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