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A new update for the iPhone has been released. Apple has released beta 3 of iOS 17. What’s new?

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What’s new in iOS 17 beta 3?

The latest version of iOS 17 brings a few innovations to your iPhone. At this time, beta 3 of iOS 17 is only available to developers. But anyone can install this iOS 17 update right now.

1. Deleted Photos

When you look in the Photos app, you’ll see a “Recently Deleted” folder at the bottom. Here you will find all the photos that you recently deleted. Deleted photos stay here for a month before they are thrown away forever.

Apple slightly modified this folder in the Photos app in beta 3 of iOS 17. Now you’ll find a three-dot button at the bottom, where you’ll find the options to “Restore All” and “Delete All.” These were previously separate options in the previous version of iOS 17.

photos ios 17

2. Mood has minor improvements

Apple has put a new feature in the Health app in iOS 17. This is the Mood function. This allows you to capture an emotion or mood. Apple is trying to give you a way to map your general mental well-being.

The option received a minor update in beta 3 of iOS 17. For example, the appearance has been taken care of. The colors for the different emotions have been adjusted. In addition, the background and buttons get the color of the mood you choose.

3. Credits in Apple Music

In the new beta, you now have the option to view a song’s credits in Apple Music. You do this by tapping the three dots when a song is playing. You will then see the new option at the top.

4. Home app updates

When you start the Housing app for the first time, you will see an overview with all the new functions. For example, the interface has been modified and widgets have been added. Also nice: do you have lamps where you can adjust the color of the light in the Home app? New options have been added that make it even easier to change the colors.

home ios 17

When is the public beta of iOS 17 coming

The developer beta of iOS 17 has been out for a month now. Usually the public beta becomes available around this time. Apple itself has also indicated that the public beta will come in July. So it can happen at any time!

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