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It is December and that means that it is time for annual lists again. TikTok is sharing your Year on TikTok 2020 for the first time this year. Check out how you can see and share your personal annual overview.

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Year on TikTok 2020: view your annual overview

This year, social media service TikTok is sharing your personal annual overview for the first time. The app summarizes all videos, audio clips, effects and trends of your year in a neat overview.

TikTok presents Year on TikTok 2020 via a special banner at the top of the For You page. It is also possible to open your personal overview via the Discover button at the bottom of the screen, then tap #YearOnTikTok. Please note, you do need the latest version of the app for this annual overview.

Recently, TikTok shared a top 100 list with an overview of the best makers, videos, memes and audio clips of 2020. With Year on TikTok, the app creates a tailor-made report. It catalogs your favorite filters, comments, hashtags and audio clips. According to TikTok, the report is based on data up to December 5.

Share your TikTok annual overview

Want to share your overview with the world? Which can. You can easily distribute your Year on TikTok video through the app. This immediately unlocks a so-called 2021 badge that you can add to your profile picture.

With an end-of-year report for users, TikTok is following the trend that Spotify already started with Spotify Wrapped. In this popular annual overview of the music service you can see what your favorite artists, songs and genres of 2020 are.

TikTok: It Starts with You

TikTok: It Starts with You

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