This is how you use the new stand-by function on the iPhone

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With the update to iOS 17, numerous new functions land on compatible iPhones. These include new features in the Messages app, Facetime, a new Diary app and posters for the Phone app and Contacts.

The stand-by function is also new and definitely worth a closer look. This gives the iPhone a feature that turns it into a smart display during the charging process and provides you with various information.

iOS 17: New stand-by function for iPhones offers numerous options

iOS 17 is required to use the stand-by function. Apple is currently offering the update for developers as a beta. A public beta version will be available in July. iOS 17 can be installed on all compatible iPhones, starting with the Phone XR and XS (Max) up to the iPhone 14 Pro and the future iPhone 15 Pro.

Furthermore, a corresponding Magsafe charging dock is required, on which you position your iPhone in landscape format. It is important that the dock allows your iPhone to stand upright, as the mode will not work on flat or low-angle chargers. The iPhone screen must also be locked, as standby cannot be used in unlocked mode.

For demonstration purposes is up to us the base stand of the accessory manufacturer Nomad* before. But there are other options like Belkin’s Boost Charge*the Boost Charge Pro* or the Twelve South Forté.

iOS 17: The welcome screen of the stand-by function. (Photo: t3n)

If your locked iPhone is now hanging on the Magsafe charging dock, a welcome message for the new function will appear on the smartphone display, because stand-by is activated ex works.

Stand-by with always-on: iOS 17 function works best with the iPhone 14 Pro

It should be mentioned that only the iPhone 14 Pro and 14 Pro Max (test) have the standby screen permanently activated. This is because the always-on function was introduced with the smartphone models and they have a different display technology.

With all other iPhones, you have to tap the screen once to display the information.

iOS 17: The default view of the new stand-by function. (Photo: t3n)

By default, two widgets are displayed simultaneously on the stand-by screen: the classic analog clock is on the left, and the calendar widget is on the right. You can change the widget view by swiping left or right. The stock widget, other clock designs, the weather or your photos appear here.

iOS 17: A look at the new standby feature. (Photo: t3n)

The widgets can also be adjusted by long-pressing on one of the pages. In the overview that appears, the widgets can be removed or new ones added using the plus symbol in the left corner. The two functions “Intelligent order” and “Suggest widgets” are also available.

With a long press on one of the screen widgets you get to the settings. (Photo: t3n)

A tap on the plus symbol takes you to the widget selection. (Photo: t3n)

Confirm the changes you have made by clicking on the “Done” button.

iOS 17 stand-by: photo frames and full-screen clocks

iOS 17’s standby mode turns your iPhone into a digital picture frame. (Photo: t3n)

iOS 17’s standby mode turns your iPhone into a digital picture frame. (Photo: t3n)

But that’s not all: if you swipe the standby screen to the left, additional views appear. First, you’ll see a digital photo frame that you can use to display your own images according to specific themes, such as Featured, Nature, Cities, and People. The individual categories can also be hidden by tapping on the eye symbol in the upper left corner.

Another swipe to the left brings you to a full-screen clock. Swipe gestures up or down to get more designs, which you can change the color of after a long press on the display.

iOS 17’s standby mode offers various full-screen clocks. (Photo: t3n)

iOS 17’s standby mode offers various full-screen clocks. (Photo: t3n)

They can be colored if required. (Photo: t3n)

(Photo: t3n)

(Photo: t3n)

iOS 17: Standby supports timers, music and more

iOS 17 stand-by: The Siri timer can also be hidden. (Photo: t3n)

By the way, the timer function, which you activate via Siri, is nice: the elapsed time is not only visualized by the countdown, but also by a transverse coloring of the display – almost like a lying hourglass. The timer can also be minimized and, if necessary, increased again by tapping on the corresponding symbol.

iOS 17: You can also play music in standby mode. (Photo: t3n)

In addition to the timer, music playback can also be started and controlled on the stand-by display. Live activities and more are also supported.

iOS 17: In the settings, stand-by can not only be deactivated, but also extended with a night mode. (Screenshot: t3n)

iOS 17 stand-by: This is what night mode looks like. (Image: Apple)

iOS 17 offers a night mode so that your iPhone can also be used on the bedside table. Here, the stand-by display has a reddish tint and low ambient lighting in the dark. Optionally, you can also specify in the settings that the display gets brighter when the iPhone detects movements.

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