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This is how you unlock hidden movies and series

It’s actually like this: Netflix doesn’t show you all available films and series. Some of them cannot even be found explicitly via search. How you can still see them, we’ll tell you with the following trick – VPN or other complicated things are not needed for this.

Depending on your profile, Netflix Show only certain series and movies, this also applies to the targeted search. Normally you certainly have a German-speaking profile. Ergo: Netflix will usually only show you films and series that contain a German soundtrack or at least German subtitles.

This is how you unblock hidden movies and series on Netflix

But unfortunately you can’t watch the very good Canadian sitcom “Kim’s Convenience” with Marvel hero Simu Liu (Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings), for example. Also about the search is this not found by default. But with a trick you can unlock this and other content (source: movie starts).

You can watch this entertaining series with Marvel star Simu Liu only with the profile trick on Netflix:

Kim’s Convenience – Trailer

If you want to see films and series that Netflix denies its customers in this country due to a lack of localization, you have to just change the profile language. But how does this work and what are the effects?

You first register with Netflix, for example directly on the computer in the web interface. At the start directly under the profile selection (if you are already logged in with your profile in the top right of the drop-down menu) you select the point “Manage Profiles”. Alternatively, just follow this link direct.

The small pen makes it possible to change the profiles on Netflix. (Image source: GIGA, Screenshot Netflix)

Now you see one on your profile small pen. If you click on this, you have the option of changing the language on the following page. So you simply select “English” instead of “German” in the drop-down menu. Important to know: The language will only change in your profile, but not in the other profiles of boyfriends or girlfriends.

You can then easily change the language on the profile page. (Image source: GIGA, Screenshot Netflix)

What does that change?

Now Netflix really does find all content and will no longer withhold films and series from you. By the way: It really only changes the profile language. You can still listen to the German soundtrack and German-language films and series will continue to be found. You only have to live with the following English description texts. Extra tip: If you don’t always want that, you can simply create a second English-language Netflix profile and switch if necessary.

By the way: the above Sitcom is really entertaining. Scored an outstanding 8.2 out of 10 on IMDb. The result at Rotten Tomatoes was similarly good – 85 percent approval from viewers. If you have difficulties understanding the text and want to improve your foreign language skills, you can simply activate the English subtitles.

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