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this is how you take screenshots in android auto

In Android Auto it is possible to take screenshots of the interface. However, the function is hidden in a series of functionalities for developers. We explain how to take screenshots in Android Auto.

Android Auto screenshots

Most people – or at least Androidworld readers – know how to take screenshots with their phones. What is much less known is the methods of taking screenshots in Android Auto. That’s not surprising at all, since Google only shares this feature with developers.

So if you like to capture images from Android Auto, you will first have to make the service believe that you are a developer. We explain exactly how it works in the step-by-step plan below:

  1. Open the Settings from your phone
  2. type Android Auto and tap the option
  3. Scroll all the way down and press Version
  4. Information about versions and permissions is unfolded† Press it seven times on
  5. In the option Allow development settings† choose you OK
  6. Press top right on the menu with the three dots and then on Developer Settings
  7. Tap on Share screenshot now

It is important that Android Auto requires you to immediately share a screenshot via another app. There is no way to just keep it on your phone. Fortunately, you can do this in a detour, for example by choosing Google Drive in the share menu. you can then find the image later in your cloud app.

Android Auto in 2022

Android Auto can count on a lot of novelties in the summer of 2022, because then the new split-screen interface with the name ‘Coolwalk’ will roll out. We also previously helped users who prefer to choose a navigation app other than Google Maps: these are four alternatives. And we also expressed our expectations for 2022 earlier this year, writing about the improvements we want to see. And an expectation already seems to be becoming reality.

What do you think of the upcoming improvements in Android Auto? Are you looking forward to the new split-screen interface and do you want such a gadget to make Android Auto work wirelessly? What do you want to use the screenshot function for? Let us know in the comments.

Tip: this is how you take screenshots in Android Auto
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