This is how you shoot macro photos with the iPhone 13 Pro (Max)

With the iPhone 13 Pro (Max), you can take macro photos for the first time. That means you can get really close to your subject for a nice close-up. We show how it works.

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Macro photos with the iPhone 13 Pro: this is how you do it

Apple has significantly improved the cameras of the iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max. For example, they contain larger sensors for more detail and the lenses let in more light. The new ultra-wide-angle lens of both models also has a nice trick: you can take macro photos with it.

Macro photos are close-ups of small subjects such as flowers or insects. But it is of course also possible to show the details in a larger whole. With the iPhone 13 Pro (Max), you can get very close: up to two centimeters from your subject!

That is how it works:

  1. Open the camera app on your iPhone 13 Pro (Max);
  2. Make sure the camera app is set to ‘Photo’;
  3. Choose your composition and get as close as you want;
  4. Click the shutter button when the iPhone has focused on your subject.

So you don’t have to select a separate macro mode, as is the case on many other smartphones. When you get closer than 14 centimeters to your subject, the iPhone 13 Pro automatically switches to the ultra-wide-angle camera to take macro photos.

That is not always desirable, however. Shooting a subject up close will normally give you a natural depth of field. This is largely lost with the macro function. Apple will therefore soon come with an update for the macro mode of the iPhone 13. From that moment on you can choose to turn it on or off yourself.

More about the cameras of the iPhone 13 Pro (Max)

As mentioned, all the cameras of the iPhone 13 Pro (Max) have larger sensors. With that, you should shoot better photos and videos. Apple has also added a number of new features. With the Movie mode you can now, for example, make movies with a nice depth of field effect. Later this year it will also be possible to record videos in the ProRes format, which should provide even higher quality.

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