This is how you really save money with your electric car [Anzeige]

E-cars are becoming cheaper and cheaper to buy, but life is expensive enough. To help you spend more of your money on what’s really fun, we’ve put together a few tips to help you save money with your EV. As the E.ON Drive PowerBox fits into the concept, we will also explain to you.

Save money with an e-car: Here’s how

Sure, it sounds strange at first: You’re about to buy a new car and save money with it? But, yes, you can. While you may have already benefited from a subsidy or bonus when purchasing your electric car, you can continue to save directly on maintenance.

Get the E.ON Drive PowerBox now for only 299 euros

In the following savings tips, we will explain where and how you can save on the subject of e-cars.

Saving tip 1: short charging times at public charging stations

Charging at public charging stations can quickly become quite expensive, because many fast charging stations charge you so-called blocking fees for a longer charging process. There is often a maximum daily rate for these. But if this is not the case, you will notice it all too clearly in your account at the latest.

Saving tip 2: Comparison of the charging power

If you have to charge your e-car outside the home, take a look at the charging capacity and compare in advance. After all, billing at the “electricity charging station” is based on the power that the charging station provides. Not based on the power your electric car can absorb. So if you are provided with 22 kW while your vehicle only has a charging capacity of 11 kW, this is quite and pointlessly expensive.

Saving tip 3: fill up at home

It’s still cheapest at home, which is why filling up your electric car at home will have a positive impact on your account instead of relying on finding a cheap fast charging station along the way. It is now also recommended to charge the battery to 100 percent. Due to a widespread myth, many e-car drivers only charge them to a maximum of 80 percent.

Charge cheaply: With the E.ON Drive PowerBox

A wall box offers many advantages – and since it is undoubtedly the cheapest to charge at home, even more. Of course, it’s all the nicer if you can also save on the purchase of the wall box yourself, as in this case a whopping 100 euros.

The E.ON Drive PowerBox for indoor or outdoor installation and with a charging capacity of up to 11 kW, the price has now been reduced. Instead of 399 euros, you can now get the E.ON Drive PowerBox for only 299 euros. So another way to save and a reason to charge your e-car safely and effectively at home.

Get the E.ON Drive PowerBox now for only 299 euros

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