This is how you protect your e-bike in the rain, snow and cold

Even in the cold season, e-bikes are a popular means of transport. But users should pay attention to a few things, especially in wet and cold weather. We have summarized the most important tips and tricks.

It doesn’t matter whether it’s raining, snowing or cold: many e-bike fans use their bikes even when it’s cold and wet outside. But although electronic bicycles are also a practical means of transport in autumn and winter, many people wonder how badly cold and wet e-bikes are in the dark season.

This is how you protect your e-bike in the rain, snow and cold

Especially with regard to the electronics, the battery and the equipment, users should pay attention to a few things. We have the most helpful tips and tricks summarized.

1. Save battery

The following applies to lithium-ion batteries of all types: do not allow them to cool down. When temperatures drop below zero degrees Celsius, e-bike owners should store their batteries at a room temperature between five and 20 degrees Celsius.

In addition, consumers should not charge the battery directly on the bike, but rather separately in a warm and dry room. In addition, only charge when the battery has adjusted to the room temperature.

The battery should never be fully discharged or fully charged. A battery level between 50 and 80 percent is ideal and sufficient.

2. Maintain e-bikes properly

If you also ride your electric bike in winter, you should definitely consider that adverse weather conditions increase wear and tear. Therefore, the technical components in particular should be particularly well maintained and checked.

Owners should always check the brake pads and the chain of the e-bike, because it is dirty and dirty, especially in winter. The bike should be cleaned well after every tour.

Drivers can use cleaning agents specially made for pedelec care. They can be used universally and ensure dirt and water-repellent protection.

3. Clean the battery properly

The battery also gets a good load of snow and dirty spray water in winter. Owners should definitely avoid rough cleaning agents such as steam jets and the like when cleaning.

Instead, a damp cloth is sufficient to clean the battery. Care must be taken when cleaning the contacts. Also, any metal jewelry should be removed before cleaning. Because metals can quickly cause a short circuit.

4. Pay attention to rust protection

Even if most components of modern electric bicycles are rust-free, there is still a residual risk. Here, too, owners can prevent this with appropriate care sprays and oils.

Important: greasy care products and oils should never get near the brakes. This can significantly impair their function.

5. Store e-bikes correctly

If you prefer not to whiz through the cold on your e-bike, you can simply leave the e-bike over the winter. However, owners should follow a few tips.

First of all, the bike should under no circumstances overwinter outdoors. Instead, a clean and dry room is suitable. Here, too, the ideal temperature of between five and 20 degrees Celsius applies. It also makes sense to remove the battery and store it separately.

6. Check the battery level

Every two to three months, owners should check the battery level of their e-bike battery. If the minimum discharge limit is reached, it must be charged, because even when the battery is not in use, it continues to consume electricity.

In addition, a battery should only be installed in the pedelec again after it has been stored for a while when the journey really starts.

7. Avoid flat tires

Flat tires can be dangerous not only while driving. Even if the e-bike is stored, flat tires can damage the rims, tube and casing. Therefore, riders should inflate the tires of their bikes to the maximum. The air pressure the tire needs is usually written on its sidewall.

Not only the e-bike needs protection

In addition to the tips and tricks for the e-bike itself, riders should also think about themselves. Breathable, waterproof clothing in bright colors ensure visibility while riding. Reflectors and a helmet are also indispensable accessories for cycling safely through the winter.

Owners of e-bikes who follow these simple tips should have no problem riding their e-bikes even in the cold and wet winter.

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