this is how you mark different locations as safe

Setting up AirTags is sometimes quite tricky. We explain how to mark locations as safe, so that your tracker will no longer beep undesirably.

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Have you already attached an AirTag to your keys or to your wallet? Super handy of course, because then you can always see the location of your things in the ‘Find my’ app. It is important that you have set the AirTags correctly, so that the AirTag does not beep undesirably.

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If you do not set up the tracker properly, you run the risk of the AirTag playing a sound in places where it is not necessary at all. When setting up the AirTags, it is necessary to mark certain locations as known. In this way, the AirTag knows when you have left your keys at home, for example. We explain how you can designate certain locations as safe.

This is how you mark locations as safe with AirTags

It is wise to check once in a while whether your AirTags are still set up correctly. You can add multiple secure locations to the AirTag. If you then leave the transmitter at this location, you will not receive notifications that you have forgotten the AirTag. You can set up new locations with your AirTag in the following way:

  1. Open the ‘Find My’ app on your iPhone or iPad;
  2. Go to ‘Objects’;
  3. Tap the object you want to add a location to;
  4. Choose ‘Report if abandoned’;
  5. Go to ‘New location’;
  6. Enter the address of the new location and tap Done.

It is useful to list your home and work addresses as known locations, so that the AirTag is not seen as lost. Other addresses that you visit regularly are also useful to save, such as the address of your parents or your best friend.

Set AirTag location

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