This is how you insure the gadgets in your car

Nice, all those gadgets in your car. A navigation system, USB charger, an electric ice scraper or who knows what you still have in your car. It is good to find out whether all these gadgets are included in the car insurance or whether you have to take out something especially for this. In this article you can read everything about the right car insurance and what about the gadgets.

What standard insurance policies are there?

It will soon become clear what the situation is with the gadgets, but it is good to first look at the three different car insurance policies. Car insurance is required by law. That’s what WA insurance was created for. This is the minimum coverage. Damage you cause to other vehicles or persons will be reimbursed. If something breaks down on your own car, and you are the cause of this yourself, this is for your own account. This insurance is most often taken out for cars older than 12 years.

The opposite of WA is the all risk insurance. This is the best new car insurance policy. All risk covers everything, including damage you cause yourself. New cars are defined as vehicles less than 6 years old. Because the current market value is still high, it is worth insuring them fully.

In between these two insurance policies is the WA + limited hull. This is the WA insurance with some additions. If there is a storm and a tree lands on your car, you will be reimbursed. Damage caused by other natural phenomena and crossing animals is also covered with a limited hull.

What about the gadgets?

Not every insurer applies the same standard. It is now the case that gadgets that have already been installed in the car at the factory are insured as standard. So if the navigation system comes standard with the car, it is included in the insurance.

Accessories that have been installed after the purchase of the car must be specified separately with the insurance company. Then you can think of, there it is again, a navigation system. But even if you later have a towbar installed on the back of the car, you must also inform the insurance company.

Check the coverage

As mentioned, the schemes at insurers can be different. The coverage of accessories is certainly not the same everywhere. For example, with one insurance you can get € 500 back with a WA + limited hull insurance. This amount can easily be higher or lower with another insurance policy. By the way, if you have accessories in your car with a value higher than €500, you can upgrade the cover. There are of course costs associated with this.

What if your smartphone is stolen from your car?

Almost every home insurance policy covers this. So you don’t have to take out separate car insurance for this. And this has no consequences for your claim-free years.

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