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Are you looking for your dream domains, want to register domains and your question marks are only getting bigger? It doesn’t have to be like this: How domain registration and effective domain management can be done easily.


With more than 30,000 partners, InterNetX is the specialist for domains, hosting and encryption. With four million managed domains, InterNetX is one of Europe’s leading B2B providers for domain management solutions.

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Antje from Berlin runs an online shop for second-hand clothing and toys. Shirin from Munich is self-employed as a management consultant. And Robert from Wiesbaden is currently founding an international tourism startup with friends he knows from his semester abroad in Madrid. All three have very different requirements – but also have the same goal: They need an online presence with a suitable domain.

But if you want to register domains, you have a lot of questions. Domain management can quickly overwhelm you. Not only the search for the right domains and the domain registration, but also dealing with website encryption, TLS / SSL certificates and brand protection create major hurdles. Domain registration tips help – and a Domain providerwho takes care of the more complex construction sites.

Why should I register domains?

Regardless of whether you are a corporation, SME or self-employed: Every website starts with the right domains – they are the heart of your online presence. The appearance of your own brand under a suitable domain name is a powerful lever for external presentation. The own domain with the appropriate TLD underlines the competence, seriousness and autonomy of the company. Customers can perceive the website as the best point of contact for their concerns. Domains with meaningful names and keyword domains also help to be found more easily in Google search. Potential competitors also know that:

The demand for domains remains high. In 2020 alone, more than 360 million domains were registered worldwide, like the Global Domain Report from InterNetX.

Domain management

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How can I register domains?

The steps for domain registration show you in a nutshell how you should proceed if you want to register domains.

Choose the appropriate domain name

Which name suits your appearance best? It should be short, accurate, catchy, easy to remember. It should be easy to pass on, ideally also orally. Remember that at some point you might want to expand your offer and your domain should grow with it. The second-level could also join a domain Or the top-level domains .ch and .at, if your business is expanding into German-speaking countries. Likewise, with a new gTLD like .rent or .reisen form great campaign domains.

Check whether the desired domains are free

Each domain is unique worldwide and can only be assigned once. The shorter and more appropriate a domain is, the more likely it is already registered and thus occupied by someone else. SLDs with a length of 2 to 19 characters are the most popular. With a verification tool like the one in the Domain Studio the Domain experts from InterNetX you can find out under which domain extensions your desired domain is still available. You need one for that AutoDNS accountthat you can create for yourself free of charge. If it is not used, nothing stands in the way of registration. If it has been registered before but is currently unused, it may be for sale.

Check alternative options

If the desired domain is occupied, you should consider which alternatives make sense. To do this, you can play through variants of the second-level domain or change the top-level domain: If .com is occupied, .info, .page or .net may be a good solution. The Domain Studio in AutoDNS shows you obvious, suitable alternatives and combinations that can help you in making a decision.

If the domains chosen are free, the domain service provider registers them with the responsible registry. The registration links the server IP of your host with the domain name in a database. This ensures that the domain name for your website disappears in the future. It often takes a few minutes for registration to be completed.

What does it cost to register domains?

The pricing models vary with many providers. Holding a domain costs an annual amount, which depends on the selected sub-level domain and TLD.

Matching domains are an essential component of your website. (Image: Shutterstock / Seksan.TH)

Everything from a single source: domain registration, domain administration, trademark protection

Antje, Shirin and Robert are now asking themselves: “Where can I conveniently register or buy the right domains?” We recommend providers with great experience and convenient solutions for all types of users. At InterNetX you can easily search for your desired domain name from over 31 million premium and marketplace domains and 1,000 top-level domains and have them registered via AutoDNS. The professional domain management solution AutoDNS handles your orders transparently and efficiently. With more than 350 ccTLDs (country-specific top-level domains) and all gTLDs (generic top-level domains), InterNetX has one of the world’s largest portfolio of domain extensions to disposal.

  • Top-Level-Domain (TLD): Refers to the last section (to the right of the point) of a domain. Your TLD not only supports you in branding your website, but also plays an important role in the Domain Name System (DNS).
  • Country-specific top-level domains (ccTLDs): With the country-specific ccTLDs, exactly two letters are assigned to each country, such as .de or .nl. In addition, there are around 60 internationalized, country-specific top-level domains.
  • Generic top-level domains (gTLDs): Classic gTLDs such as .com and .org are among the most popular domain extensions. The new gTLDs bring variety and variety to the domain industry. Examples are .berlin, .shop, .app, .group or .family.

InterNetX’s international customer service speaks German, English and Spanish. (Image: Shutterstock / Bojan Milinkov)

International support, SSL certificate and billing tools included

If you work internationally like Robert, you benefit from the fact that AutoDNS is available in several languages. In connection with the comprehensive domain portfolio, AutoDNS becomes an international leader Domain management tool for professional users. The support team also looks after you and your co-workers very easily in the desired language.

Shirin is pleased that she no longer has to worry about a secure connection to her website: every domain managed by InterNetX receives a free TLS / SSL certificate with 256-bit encryption. AutoDNS also supports billing tools via an interface so that you can conveniently carry out all important billing applications. This is particularly time-saving for small companies like Antjes. So she can take time for the more important things.

Do you also want to use the advantages of InterNetX and be optimally positioned with AutoDNS? Then convince yourself.

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