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Even if, shortly after the turn of the year, many people are still uncertain about what their vacation will look like in 2021 – one thing is already clear: If you want to get a lot of free time with just a few vacation days, you should take care of it early. GIGA shows you when you can get a lot out of your bridge days with little effort.

Plan your vacation wisely with Bridging Days 2021

Nobody can say yet what the holiday will look like in 2021: Would it be better to stay at the local swimming lake in summer or do the tourist planes start well filled for the sandy beach again? After all, it is certain that in 2021 there will again be a few sweets waiting for resourceful holiday planners with bridging days. Those who take care of them in good time have a clear advantage. That is why we have put together an overview that shows you when you can get a lot of free time with just a few days of vacation. Those who travel can also take a look at useful gadgets.

  • Holy Three Kings: The holiday on January 6th falls on a Wednesday. If you take January 7th and 8th off, you get two days off for five days off at the beginning of the year. Those who planned earlier could postpone the start of the new working year until January 11th.
  • Easter: It is worth planning around Easter. If you invest four days of vacation in the Holy Week before Good Friday, you have a total of ten days off. The same applies to those who take four days of vacation after Easter Monday and take the rest of the week off. If you combine both, you can get a total of 16 free days with eight days of vacation – more than enough to relax extensively.
  • Labor Day: May 1st, 2021 is a Saturday. This is useful for everyone who also has to work on the weekend, but it is not an option as a bridge day.
  • Ascension: Thursday, May 13th, is free for everyone. If you want to invest a day, you can look forward to a long weekend. Those who take four days off effectively don’t have to go to work for nine days at a time.
  • Pentecost: Pentecost is celebrated on May 23rd and 24th, 2021. Those who take the week before or after Pentecost invest five vacation days for ten days off or four for nine. If you need more relaxation in spring, you can combine Ascension Day and Whitsun: Holidays from May 10 to May 21 mean 17 days off for the “price” of just nine.
  • Corpus Christi: Falls on Thursday June 3rd. A maximum of nine days off work can be achieved with four vacation days. If you need more, you can combine it with Pentecost. Then there will be a maximum of 16 days off between May 22nd and June 6th for only eight vacation days.
  • Ascension: This year falls on a Sunday and can therefore not be used for vacation planning.
  • Day of German unity: Is on a Saturday and is of use to only a few employees.
  • Reformation day: Falls on a Sunday and is therefore also not included in the vacation planning.
  • All Saints Day: Celebrated on Monday November 1st. Those who take the rest of the week off have bought a four-day break for nine days.
  • Christmas: Christmas Eve falls on a Friday, so the Christmas holidays extend over the weekend and are no longer public holidays for the majority of employees.
  • New Year’s Eve: A week after Christmas, the drama repeats itself at the turn of the year. The last day of 2021 is Friday, so the New Year also falls on the weekend.

What else can you expect in 2021:

The first half of 2021 is worthwhile when planning your vacation

Unfortunately, 2021 is not the most productive year for forward-looking vacation planning. At the end of the year, the Christmas and New Year’s Eve holidays fall on the weekend. The first half of the year has some highlights to offer, where you can enjoy a lot of free time – without putting too much strain on your vacation account with your employer. It should be noted, however, that not all of the above days are legal holidays in all federal states.

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