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This is how you get the most out of your money

Streaming services cost money – and often not very little. Now the costs are rising and at some point the question arises: Can you still afford Netflix, Prime Video and Disney+? We did the math for you.

Streaming services for 30 euros a month: This is how you get the most out of it

You have to be able to afford subscription streaming services, especially several providers. While inflation is making essential goods more and more expensive, many people have to ask themselves: Are Netflix, Amazon Prime and Co. becoming too expensive for me? The answer from the experts: 30 euros a month for streaming services is the end. but how do you get the most out of this limit? We did the math.

For the common streaming services, available in Germany, these prices apply:

  • Amazon Prime video: 8.99 euros per month (from September 15)
  • Netflix: 7.99 to 17.99 euros per month
  • Disney+: 8.99 euros per month (view on Disney+)
  • WOW (formerly Sky Ticket): series 9.99 euros per month, series & films 14.98 euros per month, live sports: 29.99 euros per month (view at WOW)
  • Sky Q: Depending on the package from 20 euros per month, it includes two streaming services that are not currently offered in Germany, Peacock and from December Paramount+ (view on Sky)
  • DiscoveryPlus: 5.99 euros per month
  • DAZN: 29.99 euros per month
  • RTL+ Premium: from 4.99 euros per month (view on RTL+)
  • Joyn+: 6.99 euros per month (view at Joyn)
  • AppleTV+: 4.99 euros per month
  • YouTube Premium: 11.99 euros per month

How to best combine streaming services depends primarily on your taste. If you want to watch a lot of series, you can, for example bet on Sky Q. In-house productions and the Netflix offer (plus free TV channels) are available for EUR 20 per month (EUR 15 in the current offer). Then there would even be room for Prime Video. Or you can get RTL+ and Apple TV+ to watch even more different content.

If you don’t want to do without sports and live broadcasts, you have to dig deeper into your pockets. That Live sports package on Sky (incl. entertainment) is currently available for 25 euros. One of the cheapest competitors then fits on top. If you still want to afford DAZN after the steep price increase, you have no room for improvement with a streaming budget of 30 euros.

RTL+ and Joyn: German streaming services are comparatively cheap

If you mainly want German productions, a classic Sky subscription for HD television is worthwhile. You can still climb up there RTL+ Premium and Joyn+ afford. Or you only subscribe to the streaming services from RTL and ProSieben/Sat1 for a total of only 11.98 euros.

Who just the Subscribe to classics If you want, you can currently still afford it for 30 euros: Prime Video, Disney+ and Netflix can only be combined if you are satisfied with the SD version for 7.99 euros on Netflix. Then there would even be money left for a cheap channel on Prime Video.

The same applies to WOW: If you only want to watch Sky series, you can get away cheaply and can choose two other services. If you choose the series & films package, you can no longer be choosy with the third provider. If you add sport, it’s over immediately. As said, it depends on your preferences.

The streaming services in a big comparison: which one is right for you?

Streaming budget exhausted? Here’s something for free

On top of that, there are still a few ways you can set yours beef up your streaming choices without charging your account more. If you just want something short in between, you will find some short films worth seeing on YouTube Shorts, cost: 0 euros.

Another viable alternative is the Media libraries of well-known TV stations. While RTL+ and Joyn are now more of a classic streaming portal, large parts of the program can also be viewed online on ARD and ZDF without you being asked to pay.

If you only want to see a series or an exclusive film from a provider, also pay attention to test offers. Many providers offer you 7 days of free access to their content, you can try Prime Video for 30 days (view on Amazon) and YouTube Premium for two months. But if you want to save money, Be sure to remember to cancel in good time.

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