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Many days off without taking many vacation days? Those who cleverly include long days in their vacation planning can secure many relaxing days in a row in 2021. In Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg, 52 days off are even possible.

Was the annual vacation far too short again? In the corona year 2020, no wonder, because many holidays fell on the weekend – including the day of German unity. And it will be very similar in the coming year: Nine of a total of 20 public holidays will fall on a Saturday or Sunday in 2021, including the Day of German Unity and unfortunately also the two Christmas holidays. But there are also many ways to extend your free time as much as possible.

In Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg, just 22 days of vacation can turn into 57 days of relaxation. North Rhine-Westphalia, Rhineland-Palatinate and Saarland are also doing well with potential 52 free days from 23 vacation days.

Bridging days 2021: These federal states are having a good time!

Bridging days 2021: How many days off are possible in the coming year? (Graphic: Travelcircus)

A Infographic from breaks down how many long bridge days each state can plan. While Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg will have more luck in the coming year, Brandenburg will bring up the rear in 2021 with 39 free days out of 18 vacation days. In fact, none of the additional public holidays will benefit the state next year. Employees from Bremen, Hamburg, Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, Lower Saxony and Schleswig-Holstein also share this bad luck.

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Christmas and New Year 2021: When Christmas Eve falls on a Friday

Christmas Day and Boxing Day are public holidays everywhere in Germany. But Christmas in 2021 is extremely unfavorable and coincides with a weekend. If you don’t have Saturdays and Sundays off anyway, you won’t benefit much from the Christmas days. Of course, this also applies to New Year’s Eve and New Year’s. There is no need for special considerations for Easter: Good Friday on April 2nd and Easter Monday on April 5th offer the prospect of a long weekend across the country.

Holidays 2021: calculate bridging days? That’s how it’s done!

Ascension Day, May 1st or Pentecost: There are opportunities for a long weekend in all federal states if a public holiday falls on a Thursday or Tuesday. But when should you take time off in 2021? Interested parties can visit a bridge day calculator Understand exactly which combination of vacation and public holidays pays off best.

For this, holiday planners only need to select the year and the state in the drop-down menu. Both the number and the period of the necessary vacation days and how long, including public holidays, can be made free are listed. An efficiency value also provides a conclusion about how well the vacation submitted is being used.

After all, there are many regional differences: Repentance and prayer days are only public holidays in eight federal states. It looks similar with All Saints’ Day, Reformation Day and Corpus Christi. In Thuringia, World Children’s Day on September 20th has recently become a public holiday.

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