This is how you can check your pension entitlement online

The German pension insurance provides information once a year about the current pension entitlement. But in future you will no longer have to wait for the annual letter. Because we will show you how you can check your pension entitlement online.

Digitization in Germany has cleared the next hurdle. Because in future you will be able to check your current pension entitlements online in a portal of the German pension insurance.

This also means that you no longer have to wait for the annual pension information from Deutsche Rentenversicherung.

Pension entitlement in the online overview

About the portal Rentenuebersicht.de you can see your old-age provision at a glance. The German pension insurance project started the official pilot phase at the end of June and is scheduled to go into regular operation from the end of 2023.

Here you can not only display the current status of your statutory pension entitlements. Company and private pension schemes are also included here. However, this only applies as long as your provider is connected to the portal. These currently include:

  • German pension insurance
  • Union Investment Private Fund GmbH
  • Federal and state pension institution Public law institution

It is therefore possible that not all your pension entitlements can be displayed in the portal. However, other providers are to be gradually connected to the online portal.

Despite the new online service, annual pension information will continue to be available. You will receive this by mail if you are at least 27 years old and have at least five years of contributions.

These requirements must be met

In order to check your pension entitlements online, you need your ID card with the online ID function activated. You must also have your tax identification number to hand.

According to the German pension insurance, there could also be other options for authentication in the future. However, these are currently still being checked.

This is how you can check your pension entitlement online

In order to view your pension entitlements online, you must first register. This requires the ID check, which you can carry out with the electronic identity card or the national electronic identity for EU citizens.

If you are logging into the portal for the pension overview for the first time, you cannot immediately see your entitlements. Because these must first be requested.

If all the answers from the providers responsible for you are available, they are automatically included in your personal overview. According to the German pension insurance, this can take up to “five days at most”.

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