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This is how you can check flight information with the Google Assistant

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There is not much as annoying as rushing to the airport, to discover that your flight is delayed. The Google Assistant will therefore warn you about delayed flights, often before your airline does so.

Google Assistant check flight information you do so

Via the Google Assistant you can check whether your flight leaves on time. Usually this information is supplied by airports and airlines, but they are not always as fast in passing on the latest information. That is why Google recently started using its own algorithms to predict when your flight is likely to be delayed.

The company looks at historical data, the weather and various other data to give you a prediction about your departure time. If the search assistant is at least 85 percent certain that your flight is delayed, it can be found in the app. If you ask “What is the status of my flight?” And the search company expects a delay, then that prediction is in small red letters.

Also on Google Home

Google boasts that in most cases it is faster and better than the airline company. Through the smart use of data, the search company has a better idea of the status of almost all flights worldwide. To help users, Google will soon warn in advance of possible delays. Check the overview in the Google app, or keep an eye on your notifications. There you see how much later your flight leaves, and what the probable cause is.

The Google Assistant is standard on every smartphone. Hold down the home button and ask “What time does my flight fly?” Or “Is flight KL1845 delayed?” To get the latest details. You can also ask the same questions to voice-controlled speakers as the Google Home and Home Mini .

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