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this is how you add your booster shot

If you have had your booster vaccination, your QR code will not be automatically updated in the CoronaCheck app. Fortunately, you can easily do that yourself.

Booster shot in CoronaCheck app

More and more Dutch people are allowed to get their booster vaccination, or the third shot against the Coronavirus. This does not automatically appear in the CoronaCheck app. We explain how you can easily add it to this app, so that you walk around with the current QR code.

For most people in the Netherlands, when they have been vaccinated against the Coronavirus, they have proof of this in the CoronaCheck app. This official application not only provides the QR code that you can scan in places where it is needed, but it can also show when you have had which vaccine, which can be useful in different places (such as the airport) and abroad .

To add

If you have passed your third shot, or the booster shot, your data will not be automatically refreshed in the CoronaCheck app. For this you have to perform an action yourself. You can do this via the steps below.

  • Open the CoronaCheck app
  • Tap the + icon at the top right of the screen
  • Choose the option ‘Vaccination certificate’
  • Log in with your DigiD; this can be done via SMS check, with the DigiD app or your identity card
  • Choose ‘Create proof’, after which your new vaccination certificate will be made
  • Then the new QR code will be created

When you use the vaccination certificate on paper, you have to go through the same steps via the CoronaCheck website.


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