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This is how much a mini solar system can currently cost

If you want to buy a balcony power plant, then you should pay close attention to the price. There are many vendors charging far too much money for mini solar systems to capitalize on the huge interest in them. That is why we are now explaining to you what you should ideally pay for a balcony power plant and what you will then need.

That’s why prices are falling

Only recently we reported that some dealers are asking far too high prices for balcony power plants. The prices have fallen massively, especially in the last few weeks. This is due to two reasons:

  1. No more sales tax on solar systems and accessories.
  2. Delivery situation from China has gotten much better.

So more goods are coming from China, the warehouses are filling up again and the competition is picking up speed. This revives the price war and you can save when buying a mini solar system.

Balcony power plant: how much it can cost

If you have a way of running a mini solar system, then you should do it. You reduce your electricity costs and do something for the environment at the same time. Such a mini solar system usually consists of these components:

  1. One or two solar cells
  2. microinverter
  3. connection cable
  4. end cap

You can also put together a balcony power plant yourself, but most people buy a complete set, like me, because you get everything from a single source and also have one contact person. Price you should currently moving at 550 to 700 euros (look at eBay). A higher price is only worth it if you get better components for it. For example, with a measurement function via WLAN or “nicer” solar cells. For example, ones that are completely black. They usually cost a little more.

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Offers in the overview

In Germany there are many small solar dealers who have been in business for years and often sell their balcony power plants on eBay (check out eBay). This should also be one of the most important starting points for you if you don’t have a solar dealer nearby and cannot pick up the goods. Usually the shipping is included there and you save a lot of money. The prices always vary a bit, but we are usually well under 700 euros for a complete set that can be operated legally in Germany. Here are some good deals:

With every complete set you get everything including cable with Schuko plug. Depending on the inverter, you already have a function that measures your energy production. In addition, the shipping is free. All inverters output a maximum of 600 watts, which is currently the maximum in Germany. The 750 to 830 watts indicate the performance of the two solar modules. Here I would actually advise more, because then you produce more energy even on cloudy days.

More details on balcony power plants:

You still need that

In addition to the solar cells, the micro-inverter and cables, you also need a mounting option. Either you buy a stand for the floor, which you use to place the solar cells on the terrace or in the garden, or you have to get an attachment for the balcony. There are different options and solutions.

Especially if you live for rent or there is a homeowners association, then you have to clarify beforehand whether you are even allowed to install such a mini solar system.

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