This iPhone will also receive a successor in 2022

Perhaps the best iPhone out there is also getting a refresh for next year.

Fall is the time for Apple and iPhone fans. Traditionally, that is when we can expect the annual release of the iPhone. Last year it was the turn of the iPhone 12 and so we can expect its successor iPhone 13 soon. That is Apple’s top series, consisting of the 13 Mini, 13, 13 Pro and 13 Pro Max. You can read all the latest news about the iPhone 13 in our archive.


Because even though there is now a difference between the regular models and the Pro models, something you also notice in the price, iPhones remain at the price. That is and remains the criticism. That is why there has been an extra model in the lineup for a while. It’s called iPhone SE and it’s the third budget iPhone. The first was the slightly underpowered iPhone 5C, which was followed by the first SE, which was sort of a mix between iPhone 5 hardware and an iPhone 6 processor. The latter worked much better and that is what the current iPhone SE has as a recipe. It is essentially an iPhone 8 with the A13-bionic chip from an iPhone 11. That, in combination with a price of 400 dollars in the US and about 500 euros in the Netherlands, made for an interesting cheap iPhone.

SE ‘3’

The iPhone SE is a bit detached from the ‘real’ lineup. This also applies to the unveiling date of the SE ‘3’. Apple doesn’t number the SE models, so it’s just going to be called iPhone SE again. However, it will receive an update in the spring of 2022. It is not about a completely new model, you have to see it more like the current model with newer technology.

Old design…

So the design will not change compared to the current iPhone SE. The iPhone 8 housing is still used and that also means TouchID instead of FaceID and the design with the large bezel and chin. So you shouldn’t be at the iPhone SE in 2022 for revolutions.

…new technology

No, the update takes place under the skin. Two important things: an upgrade for the processor. The A13 chip will be replaced by the A14 chip from the iPhone 12. As with the current iPhone SE, it will be slightly reduced in power to better match the SE, but it is again the most modern chip. The second thing that might make potential buyers happy is 5G capability. The iPhone SE should be the cheapest iPhone with 5G. Handy to keep up with the times.


As mentioned, more about the iPhone SE will most likely be reported during the Apple event in the spring of 2022. The rumors come from both DigiTimes and Ming-Chi Kuo, especially the latter is more often right. Ming-Chi Kuo also reports that a completely new iPhone SE is planned for 2023. This would get a completely new design with a punch-hole camera instead of a notch. (via DigiTimes)

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