This intelligent Sengled light bulb can measure your heartbeat

Sengled, a company producing intelligent lighting, announced a number of new products at CES 2022. The most interesting is definitely the light bulb Smart Health Monitoring Lightwhich measures the heart rate. The information was provided by TheVerge portal.

A new type of light bulb also reveals the fall of a person in the household

Sengled has also pledged its support for the new Smart Home Matter standard. Its Zigbee smart bulbs have long been compatible with Alexa Voice Assistant, Google Assistant, Apple HomeKit and Samsung SmartThings. Support for Google Home should also be added in March. Its Wi-Fi-enabled light bulbs also don’t require a gateway, as is the case with the competition.

The bulbs also excel at a high color rendering index, which is usually above 90 CRI, which is more than what the competition offers as standard. The CRI value of 100 should already show the true color. The manufacturer has now decided to take the functionality of its light bulbs even further with the model Smart Health Monitoring Light.

Sengled Smart Health Monitoring Light | Zdroj: Tomsguide

This dual bulb with both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth support can monitor your health using radar technology. It is designed to monitor your sleep and certain biometric functions, such as heart rate or body temperature. The bulb can work independently or as several bulbs connected via Bluetooth. As a result, he can even find out that someone in the household has fallen.

It can be an inconspicuous way to help monitor if a sick person living alone has not been injured. As a result, such a person does not have to wear a smart watch or bracelet at home, which usually fulfills this function. The product is still under development, so no details such as price are known. However, the bulb is expected to hit the market in the fourth quarter of 2022.

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