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This high-tech bathtub delivers ultimate luxury at a great price

Images via Kohler

Sanitary ware has long ceased to be simple porcelain, as Kohler proves with this extremely high-tech bath Stillness and accompanying app.

Sometimes a shower isn’t enough and you want to take an extra step towards relaxation city. A good warm bath is the best option. But it can be even better. Kohler announces a high-tech bathtub for the ultimate bathing experience, especially in combination with the special app and control panel. You must have a lot to do with it though.

Kohler Stillness bath delivers ultimate luxury

The freestanding bath from Kohler called Stillness is completely designed for the tech enthusiast who wants to relax every now and then. The whole costs more than € 7000 euros. But then you have something! The bath can perform all kinds of extremely luxurious tasks.

Think of emitting soothing aromatic steam. It has special lights that give the impression that you are bathing in a misty oasis. There is even a variant that purposefully overflows into a wooden scaffolding for a waterfall in your high-tech bathroom.

Special panel

The bathtub can also be controlled remotely for an extra layer of luxury. For almost €2400, the Kohler bath will be linked to the PerfectFill system. This special panel has a built-in smart assistant that understands voice commands.

For example, you can give the order to fill the bath hands-free or via the app. This is done by means of special cranes and electronic controls. But there’s more! You can use the app to set how full the bath should be and even what temperature you want.

The luxury bath set for roughly €9500 will be released sometime in 2022.

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