This e-car only costs the equivalent of 9,000 euros because of the new battery technology

The new electric car from BYD should already be available for a mere 9,000 euros when it comes onto the market in the near future. Because the vehicle, which goes by the name Seagull, runs on a sodium-ion battery, which is also said to be responsible for the fact that the car can be offered at this low price. But the price is not the only advantage of this new electric vehicle.

Compact with a sleek design

As you can see from the photos that were recently leaked, the mini electric car is a great option for those who have to commute. Due to its slim line, a wheelbase of 2.5 meters and a length of just 3.78 meters, the vehicle should fit into even the smallest parking space.

The Seagull can also be seen from the side (Photo: BYD)

For comparison: A Mercedes C-Class is almost a meter longer at almost 4.7 meters. The car also impresses with its sleek design: dynamic lines, a trapezoidal air intake at the front and a pair of sharp-edged headlights, which the manufacturer calls “ice-breaking eyes”, give the vehicle the finishing touches.

Longer distances possible without frequent charging

Compact yet with five doors and four seats, the Seagull is the perfect car for small families or a group of friends. Despite its relatively small size, the vehicle offers a spacious interior. The BYD Seagull is available with two engine options offering maximum power of 55 kW and 70 kW. With a top speed of 130 km/h, the electric car is perfect for city traffic and short trips.

Even more impressive is the range of the electric car. Thanks to a lithium iron phosphate battery with a capacity of 38 kWh, the small car is said to have a maximum range of 405 kilometers (CLTC standard). This means that the Seagull can definitely keep up with standard electric models, such as the Model 3 from Tesla. Without extras, however, this costs almost five times as much as the Seagull and, even after the price reduction, is only available from a price of over 43,000 euros.

Sodium-ion batteries could cause a revolution

There is another highlight of the vehicle: In addition, the BYD Seagull is to be offered with a sodium-ion battery, which has a capacity of 30 kWh and with which the car, also according to the CLTC standard, should be able to travel up to 305 kilometers . The advantage of the sodium-ion battery: no lithium is required for production. Sodium is found all over the world and unlike lithium it is not in short supply.

Sodium-ion batteries should also score with high charging speeds and are less prone to overheating. Sodium-ion batteries can last longer, which means they don’t need to be replaced as quickly. In addition, they are cheaper to produce. There are only compromises for the low energy density, which is associated with a high weight.

Almost 9000 euros, but so far only in China

In China, the BYD Seagull will be offered at an official price of between 10,700 and 13,300 euros. As can be seen from the leaked marketing materials, the vehicle is said to be available from some dealers for the equivalent of 8,700 euros. The only catch: If and when the Seagull will come to Europe is unfortunately still unclear at the moment. The vehicle is to be officially presented at the Shanghai Auto Show on April 18th.

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