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This damaged Rolex yielded a bizarre amount

A watch with a story. Always good. For example this Rolex, for which a lot of money was paid.

A Rolex is always worth a lot of money. But that too is relative. 10,000 euros is a lot of money, but 100,000 euros is a lot more money. In this case, you have to look to the extremes. We are talking about the Rolex Military Submariner from the 1970s. Specially made for the Ministry of Defense in the United Kingdom.

Damaged Rolex

damaged Rolex

This particular example was commissioned by a Navy diver in England in the year 1977. The diver later parted ways with the watch. The Rolex then came into the hands of a professional diver in the early 1980s. All these decades, the man has kept the watch in his possession. But now the timepiece was parted with an auction at Bonhams.

The uniqueness of the damaged Rolex Military Submariner generated great interest at the auction. So much interest that insane amounts were offered on the watch. The highest bid came in at £195,600. Converted that is more than 227,000 euros.

A remarkably high amount. Especially if you realize that the watch is no longer in its original condition. In the 1990s, the bezel was lost during a dive into the water.

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