This could be the next technology revolution

Invisible vehicles, transparent frameless displays or data glasses – most of us only know these things from films. But technology from science fiction reaches series production sooner rather than later – and often completely changes our lives.

One technology that has what it takes for the next revolution is meta-materials. The definition describes meta-materials as artificial materials that have certain optical, magnetic or electrical properties that do not exist in nature. These materials are usually extremely small and potentially suitable for different areas of application. Experts often point out possible stealth. Reason: Since meta-materials affect optical waves differently than other materials, the refractive index of light, for example, can be turned into negative and the light can thus be guided around an object. Such a technology would be revolutionary for the military.

Hope for series production

However, numerous civil uses are also possible. Since meta-material is extremely small and can have electrical properties, displays in eyeglass lenses, window panes or even in cars are easy to implement. Although the technology is still a dream of the future and no series product is based on meta-materials, the use of materials is getting closer and closer. The US company Meta Materials claims to be on the way to mass-producing meta materials at low cost. In this way, the company wants to lead electronic devices and solutions that have become smaller and more compact over the past decades into a new future.

You can also benefit from 3M or BASF

The company also names window panes that are coated in such a way that certain waves, such as 5G signals, are reflected in such a way that network coverage is optimized. There should also soon be transparent 5G antennas that could also be placed in glass panes. Other sectors that could benefit from meta-materials are the automotive industry, renewable energies and medical technology. Overall, the Nasdaq-listed company estimates the market for meta-materials at 10.7 billion US dollars by 2030.

As of today, however, the market is still very small and it is by no means clear whether meta-materials will be found in every car window in the future or whether they will make solar cells thinner and more powerful. So how should investors deal with such a future technology? The fact that the Meta Materials share is a hot topic is proven by the price jump that took the share to dizzying heights in June and which was subsequently corrected almost completely. But you can also do without hot stocks from the Nasdaq. Chemical companies such as 3M, BASF and Covestro deal with meta-materials. Even at Samsung or Lockheed Martin, the topic is on the screen.

Be careful with flagpoles

So if you have a broadly diversified portfolio, you may already benefit from the opportunities related to meta-materials. In order to set accents selectively, investors should take into account that it is not always the pioneers around a new technology who ultimately win the race. With titles like Meta Materials, it is also important to use common sense when you start out. Short-term hypes and steep price increases are only in the rarest of cases a good basis for long-term sustainable investments.

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