this android app secretly eavesdrops on you

Sometimes an app sneaks in the Play Store that doesn’t quite work as it should. This time it’s the iRecorder – Screen Recorder app, which you should remove from your phone right now. It is an app that eavesdrops on your microphone and that also steals your files.

50,000 infected devices

The app has now been installed on more than 50,000 devices, where it takes off with your voice and your files. Security experts at ESET found out that the app doesn’t care about your privacy and security. Recordings from your microphone and certain files (depending on their extension, for example .docx or .pdf) are no longer safe if you have that app on your phone. The experts think that precisely because the app is so interested in files, it would be a spy app.

It is serious that this is happening, because when the app appeared in the Play Store in September 2021, there was nothing wrong with it at all. But on the other hand, we often hear stories like this, from apps that suddenly turn out to be (or have become) rogue. The iRecorder – Screen Recorder app got an update a few months later that probably caused the app to become malicious. It would use AhRat malware and that would be version 1.3.8 of the app (which went live in August 2022).

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iRecorder – Screen Recorder

Fortunately, it is only about 50,000 devices, which is a relatively low number, but it will just be your device. The app has been removed from the Play Store, but if you have it on your phone, please delete it as soon as possible. Also check which files you have on your phone and whether bad things can happen to them, because if you also use it for work, for example, it may be good to report it to the security team or the IT person in the organization. It may also be advisable to change passwords: which is good behavior to do regularly anyway.

Have you ever heard of this app, or even installed it? Leave it now in the comments.

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