They published a vaccination form against COVID-19 for healthcare professionals. It is optimized for mobile phones

The topic of COVID-19 remains unresolved. Unfortunately, we are currently experiencing a period of lockdown, when we perceive the highest number of infected people so far, and what is even sadder, we are also increasing those who have succumbed to the disease. However, the vaccine is a possible solution and a coronavirus vaccination registration form is currently available. It is intended for healthcare professionals.

The registration form was published on Facebook by the Ministry of Health of the Slovak Republic

Registration for COVID-19 virus vaccination is available to all healthcare professionals. The Ministry of Health of the Slovak Republic has published the status on its Facebook page, together with a link to the registration form. Priority is given to those who diagnose, treat, and generally provide care for patients with COVID-19.

Registration at this time can also be used by people who directly or indirectly help in the care of the sick. This includes medical and non-medical students who come into contact with patients during their studies, or company employees who perform cleaning services in hospitals. Employees of social services homes and field social workers are another priority group for early vaccination for the riskiness of their profession.

Priority is given to health professionals and workers providing care for the infected

At the beginning of today, January 2, 2021, the mentioned people can choose a date based on their preference, namely the day from January 4. They can opt for one of a total of six vaccination centers. These are pilot-tested, already vaccinating centers in hospitals. We are talking about localities in the cities of Nitra, Banská Bystrica, Košice and Bratislava. In our capital, there are three centers for vaccination.

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Gradually, with an expected date after January 10, another of the 25 vaccination centers being prepared in Slovakia will allegedly be added to the registration form. Later, after the arrival and distribution of vaccines, hospitals will be able to start vaccinating smoothly for other customers in the regions. If you work in healthcare, you can fill out this form in a matter of minutes, even via your mobile phone. The site is also fully optimized for smartphones. Now we can only believe that the situation will soon improve.

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Facebook is beginning to actively draw attention to misinformation about coronavirus

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