“They lose all sense of reality and go wild as soon as they hear that song”

“My dear ice cream truck,” begins Sam, ex-lawyer and mother of four, “I don’t want to be a summertime spoilsport, but I don’t want you coming to my neighborhood so much anymore. I just can’t take it anymore.’

“I know you mean well, with your sweet music and your irresistible array of favorite treats. I know you are trying to bring joy to children when you announce your arrival with a loud instrumental rendition of a nursery rhyme I can’t remember.

Totally wild

Your arrival therefore causes immediate and complete excitement in the whole body. With all four of my children. It doesn’t matter what they are doing – eating, reading a book, taking a bath, getting dressed – they lose all sense of reality and go wild as soon as they hear that song. At this point I wonder if you are kidding me?

Take last week for example. I had just managed to get them all into the house after a long afternoon of outdoor play, including breakdowns and fights. And just as I was calming them down, taking off their shoes and washing their hands, you were there. Excitement turned to sadness and frustration when I declined their request. All my good parenting was wiped out by one drive-by, leaving my house in utter chaos.


Or how about that time I was taking a shower, strategically placing my 2-year-old in front of the door (she’s a well-known escape artist) while the other three watched television. I heard the echoing vehicle song, followed by excited screams and rapid footsteps. I barely had time to put on clothes (no underwear, anyway) before sprinting barefoot down the street behind my crew.

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But last night was really the last straw. You arrived just seconds before dinner was on the table. I was just bragging when my 5 year old daughter saw you through the window and started screaming “Ice cream truck! ice cream truck!” Until her three brothers and sisters came running. And how do you think my 2-year-old coped with the news that she had to eat her chicken instead of a bubblegum-eyed PowerPuff ice cream girl? You guessed it: not good!

Huge chaos

In the pool or on the couch, on their bike or in their bed: when you show up, it causes huge chaos in my house. Either by a sweet treat or by my refusal to spoil them. And while I don’t mind playing this game every now and then, every day really does take its toll. From both my wallet and my sanity.

I understand that you are responsible for your own livelihood and I respect the joy you bring to my children. But maybe we’ve set up too predictable a schedule. So I kindly ask you if you could perhaps broaden your route, so that you visit our neighborhood less often. I mean, it would be nice to see some new faces every now and then, right?

Summer magic

Despite the turmoil you cause in my house, I still love you. Because the joy you bring is unparalleled. I remember it from my own childhood; the rush of endorphins created by your song. Chasing the ice cream truck barefoot and the special ice creams (with gumballs) that I bought with my pocket money. It’s summer magic.

But please, not every day anymore. That’s not too much to ask, is it?’

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