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“They have already secretly gone further than just kissing”

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There will come a day when that little kid is suddenly a grown-up teenager. With his own thoughts, opinions and first courtship.

Loïs (39) lives with Maxwell (40) and is the mother of Mees (14) and Caïne (12).

“Our youngest son has recently started dating, or as he calls it: a relationship. It is immediately a big goal, because they are together a lot.

“When they are at our house, they prefer to go straight to his room and slam the door”

And when they get to our house, they prefer to go straight to Caïne’s room and slam the door. We have to open it again, because who knows what they are doing there. According to Caïne, it is only kissing, but I recently heard from Mees that they had secretly gone a bit further. Already!

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Behind closed doors

Of course, Maxwell and I talked at length with Caine. That we think he’s still way too young for anything more than kissing. And that there may also be consequences if you continue. Caine listened uncomfortably. He said he certainly knew what he was doing and that we really had nothing to worry about. Well, so we do.

“He said we really needn’t worry. Well, that’s what we do”

Actually, I don’t really know what to do with it. Keep an eye on it and start talking about contraceptives soon. Brr… I really don’t want to think about it yet, I feel like Caïne was eight last week. But yes, he is so in love.”

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