these were the best products (for Apple lovers)

The largest electronics fair in the world (CES) has already ended and several cool products have been shown again this year, which are also fun for Apple enthusiasts. The most interesting late iPhoned see you here! Are you watching?

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CES 2022: the coolest products for Apple users

The CES (International Consumer Electronics Show) is the largest technology show in the world, held every year in Las Vegas. We already showed you the smart collar for your dog and a bluetooth speaker (with Magsafe) for your iPhone and iPad. But many more fun (Apple-related) products were released at CES 2022. We’ll show you the four most interesting ones here!

NexMonitor for Mac mini and iPhone

This 27-inch NexMonitor ($449) seems made for a Mac mini (and an iPhone with MagSafe), because the foot of the monitor fits the small Apple computer exactly. On the right side of the screen it is possible to magnetically click and charge your iPhone. This way you always have your smartphone at eye level and the battery remains charged.


Chipolo CARD Sport Comes With Apple ‘Find My’ At CES 2022

The Chipolo CARD Sport ($35) is a kind of Apple Tag that you put in your wallet. The card has the dimensions of a debit card, but it is only three times as thick (2.4 mm). With the help of the CARD Sport you will never lose your wallet again and it can always be found in the ‘Find My’ app on your iPhone.

Chipolo Card Sport

Cypress Hero Ecosmart Backpack

The Cypress Hero EcoSmart Backpack already existed, but Targus has upgraded this backpack. He now has support for the Find My app. This way you always know where to find your backpack via the app on your iPhone. The backpack contains a replaceable battery that can be charged via USB and the bag is made of recycled material. It will cost $150 and there is no European price yet.

Targus EcoSmart

HyperDrive Turntable Dock for Apple iMac

Do you have a 24-inch iMac? Then the HyperDrive Turntable Dock might be something for you. This gives you multiple connection ports, such as an HDMI, USB-C, four USB-A ports, SD and microSD. The dock also has space to build in your own SSD (M.2 SATA or NVMe) of up to 2 TB and use it as external storage. In addition, the dock has a rotating plate, with which you can easily rotate the screen (actually the entire iMac). The HyperDrive Turntable Dock will cost $200 and will be available in silver and white.

HyperDrive Turntable Dock

CES 2022: the largest technology fair in the world

These were the best products for Apple enthusiasts to see at CES 2022. This year, CES lasted a day shorter, because many tech companies canceled their attendance due to the corona virus. The event was held online and physically this year.

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