these water onions will get you through the summer

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Paddling, swimming laps or whizzing down a water slide. Heat wave or not, you will always find cooling in these fine spots.

Good heavens

Go down the boat slide, swing around 360 degrees, dive into the beach pool or look for fossils in the sand. And for those who are curious what the park looks like from above: climb the 15 meter high climbing mountain Hemelaya. You understand what BillyBird Hemelrijk owes its name to.

Beautiful lake

On a warm summer day, the Henschotermeer feels almost un-Dutch. A truly idyllic spot in the woods, this swimming lake in Woudenberg. With a climbing frame in the water, playing fields and hills and a cozy beach bar with terrace.

I see sand

Zanzibar, but different. ZandZieBar is the adventure island of Strandpark Slijk-Ewijk, close to Valburg and Landgoed Loenen. Just get your kids out of here. Much too much fun to play on the play ship, the suspension bridge or the towing ferry. And an ideal place for swimming, windsurfing, walking or chilling out on the spacious sunbathing areas and the sandy beach.

Who’s keeping it dry?

The playground equipment is half on the sandy beach and half in the Milligerplas. So the question is whether the children can keep their feet dry on the water playground on the edge of the Zwolle district of Stadshagen. Very nice: there are plenty of free parking spaces and toilets. Bring your own picnic basket or order a delicious lunch at the cozy Grand Café Milligers.

Splashing and sports

A summer day at Batenstein-Buiten in Woerden is a party. Just because of the water playground with heated water. Add to that the miniature golf course, climbing and scrambling area, air trampoline and sand playground and you know where you want to be when the sun is shining.

Many more cool swimming and water outings for children can be found at

Those six long weeks of summer vacation will fly by as you go slide-rolling, bushwalking, tractor racing or visiting the Romans. Or one of the other fun outings that has collected for you. The site is conveniently divided by region, so you can easily discover which outings are available in the area.

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