These technical innovations have changed the online gambling world

The online gambling industry has seen quite a few innovations in recent years. Behind the scenes, gambling companies are constantly working on technical innovations. That is also necessary, because since the legalization of the online gambling market in the Netherlands, more and more online players are taking a gamble. The advantage of this legalization is that there are many more possibilities to implement these innovations.

Innovations in the gambling world

Now that online gambling companies can apply for a license from the Gaming Authority and offer their services legally, it is possible for the companies to implement technical innovations. After all, investments can be made without there being much risk that the provider is no longer allowed to offer its services. The legalization has therefore ensured that online casinos are taking more and more steps in the field of technical innovations. Consider, for example, the input of artificial intelligence, the visit to the live casino or the possibility for online gamblers to broadcast their gameplay on a streaming platform.

The use of artificial intelligence

The development of artificial intelligence is not new, but in 2023 all kinds of AI services will have shown what they can do. For this reason, 2023 has definitely been the year of a lot of coverage of artificial intelligence. Naturally, the casinos also respond to this. For example, the online casinos can use artificial intelligence to let computers make decisions. For example, it is possible to assess on the basis of patterns whether a player bets an unusual amount of money or plays on the website for too long. As a result, there may be signs of money laundering or, for example, a gambling addiction. In this way, the online casinos can use artificial intelligence to counteract such situations.

Yet AI is not only used for making decisions. It is also used to make the gaming experience a lot better. For example, AI can be used to make customized recommendations based on previously played games, which games are also fun to play. In this way, users gain a ‘casino friend’.

Do you want to know more about artificial intelligence, also known as Al?

The possibility to gamble in the live casino

A few years ago it was almost impossible to imagine, but nowadays you can visit the live casino in most legal online casinos in the Netherlands. At the normal online casino, the users often play against the computer. The computer works on the basis of a Random Number Generator (RNG), so that it is randomly determined what the outcome of a game of poker or blackjack against the computer will be. Yet many users miss the interaction in these types of games. For example, in the real casino you can have a chat with the dealer.

It is precisely for this reason that online casinos have introduced technical innovations to improve the gaming experience. For example, it is possible to participate in the live casino. This can be done in two ways: the dealer broadcasts from a real casino, such as the Holland Casino in Scheveningen. Other providers have built studios in which a poker or roulette table is simulated. In both cases it is possible to have a chat with the dealer via the chat. As a result, the experience in the online casino is much more real.

Preparing games for the smartphone

Ten years ago it was necessary to install all kinds of software for most games in the online casino, such as Flash Player or Java Runtime Environment. That is no longer necessary today. The game producers have converted all their games to HTML5 and also program new games in this way. This has a big advantage: as a visitor you can also play the games on your iPad or iPhone. Of course it is also possible to play the games on an Android device. It is no longer necessary to install software for this.

This has a great advantage, because in this way visitors to the online casino can immediately start playing bonus buy slots or other online slots. Moreover, there are already a number of legal casinos in the Netherlands that have released an app for the smartphone. For example, it is no longer necessary to surf to the provider’s website, but players can immediately start online gambling in-app.

Digital payment methods

The online gambling market is booming. The Dutch Lotteries also see this. The lotteries combined have never earned so much from the online gambling market. Because online casinos with a license from the Gaming Authority can legally offer their services, the providers are also allowed to use digital payment methods. At almost every online casino in the Netherlands it is possible to use iDEAL to immediately transfer money from your checking account to your playing account. The money is credited within a few seconds. Moreover, you no longer have to show a copy of your ID card. More and more casinos offer iDIN as a secure way to establish your identity.

Stream your visit to the online casino

Finally, there are websites where it is possible for visitors to share their gameplay with their viewers and followers. A website like Twitch was the most popular choice for a long time, but this website wants to restrict online gambling more. For this reason, many online gamblers have moved to the Kick website. In this way it is possible for online gamblers to let their fans watch while gambling.

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