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These smartphones got an Android security update

Android manufacturers roll out security updates year-round, but not all devices. That’s why we regularly list the smartphones that have been updated.


The Android security update overview of week 50

On Android Planet we regularly pay attention to updates that receive devices. Often these are new Android versions, for example when phones are updated to Android 9.0 (Pie) . For that we also have the Android 8.0 update overview and Android 9.0 update overview where you can see exactly when and when your phone receives an update.

But manufacturers also issue security updates throughout the year, and they are often just as important. Although they do not contain any major new features, you remain protected against all (critical) vulnerabilities that appear monthly. Every week Android Planet makes a list with the updates of the last seven days. These are updates that have been rolled out in the Netherlands, although it can sometimes happen that one provider is in the turn rather than the other. Sometimes you have to wait another week.


At Samsung, they are increasingly combining security updates with cool new features. This also applies to the Galaxy A6 Plus, which, together with the November update, receives support for AR Emoji. With that you can transform a scan of your selfie into a large number of real emoji. Users of the Galaxy A7 with three cameras will find a superslowmotion option in the camera app this week.


They are also on top of Huawei: many security updates for top devices this week. We have not (yet) received notifications of updates for the P20 and P20 Pro, but if you already have something then let you know in the comments.


Sony is usually faster than the competition, and this month they are well again. Their three most recent smartphones have all been updated this week to the December security update.


Owners of the Xiaomi Mi A1 received a notification this week that an Android Pie update is ready for them. We strongly advise you to download it for now. This update seems to provide 4G-problems for . After installation many users suddenly no longer have access to some 4G frequencies. When Xiaomi comes up with a solution is still unknown; for now you better wait until we know more.



Like Sony, Nokia is nice and fast. This week they release the December security update for five of their most popular smartphones. Note: we hear from some readers that the Nokia updates we mention are not immediately available for their devices. Sometimes it can take a little longer for your device to turn.


Although the OnePlus 5 and 5T do not yet have a definitive update to Android Pie, it is getting closer and closer. This week, OnePlus released an ‘open beta’ of the new software. If you want to get started with a preliminary version, read our instructions for installing the open beta on the OnePlus 5 and 5T


Keep an eye on your smartphone

Is your device not in the overview? No panic, as some manufacturers may not update later. And even if your device is on the list, it’s still a bit of a wait. Often it takes several days for an update to reach all copies of a smartphone. Keep an eye on Android Planet for the next overview of security patches, or view our overview with (expected) Android 8.0 uupdates andndroid 9.0 uupdates.

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