these new features in iOS 17 are not immediately available

iOS 17 will be released in September, but not all new features will come directly to your iPhone. Unfortunately, you have to wait a while for these cool features.

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iOS 17 is coming

The official release of iOS 17 is getting closer. The new iOS version will come to your iPhone in September, which means that you can expect new functions on your phone soon. iOS 17 introduces a new Standby Mode and Diary app to your iPhone. In addition, AirDrop is getting much better and even tells your iPhone with iOS 17 what the lights on your dashboard mean.

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Unfortunately, not all new features of iOS 17 come to every iPhone. Here we tell you which iPhones will soon get all the features of iOS 17. Even if your phone has support for all functions, you still have to wait a while before you can get started with it. There are a number of new features in iOS 17 that are taking a little longer. We put them together for you.

1. New Journal app not immediately available

In iOS 17 you get a completely new app on your iPhone. This new app functions as a kind of diary, in which various data can be recorded. The app then uses your photos, the locations you visit, the music and podcasts you listen to, your workouts and basically anything else you can think of to provide suggestions that you can write about (on a daily basis).

This makes it possible to make your own notes in the app and to keep a diary. According to Apple, it should be easier to look back on memories and to appreciate the beautiful moments more. According to Apple, the app will not be available until later this year, so the Diary app will not appear immediately with the launch of iOS 17.

diary app

2. AirDrop is getting much better — but not right away

AirDrop will be a lot more extensive in iOS 17, because it will soon be possible to share files with another iPhone (or Apple Watch) by simply keeping the devices together. The device with which you want to share the files will automatically appear as a suggestion. So you no longer have to manually select the contact if you want to share a photo, for example.

Another new feature in iOS 17 is completing your AirDrop over the web. This is especially useful when sharing larger files. You no longer have to be near the other iPhone to complete the download, but you can set the data to be transferred via your internet connection. Unfortunately, this function will take a while and will not appear on your iPhone until later this year.

namedrop iOS 17 feature

3. Collaborative Playlist in Apple Music

Do you use Apple Music? Then there is good news, because the app finally gets a few new functions in iOS 17. And that was necessary, because most features are already available from competitors such as Spotify. So does collaborative playlist creation, which finally comes to Apple Music in iOS 17. You will then be given the option to add your friends to a playlist.

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Everyone in the session has the option to add songs, change the order of the music and remove songs from the playlist. Also nice: with an emoji you can respond to the song that is currently playing. The collaborative playlist will also be a new feature in iOS 17 later this year, according to Apple.

Apple Music Bug iPhone

Want to know more about iOS 17?

So for these new features in iOS 17, Apple needs a little more time. It remains to be seen when the missing features appear in iOS 17. They will probably be introduced to your iPhone in later iOS 17 updates. Are you curious what will change on your phone with the update? Then read all about the upcoming iOS update here!

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