These live wallpapers change based on how you use your smartphone

OnePlus has recently focused more on software development. She recently invented a tool to copy text between platforms and has now introduced live wallpapers that change based on phone usage data. The Android Police portal informed about the news.

New live wallpapers let you easily see which apps you spend the most time with

Android already allows you to analyze the use of your smartphone through the Digital Wellbeing application, but you must always search for its recorded information manually in the system settings. The advantage of Digital WellPaper is that you see this information in abstract form every time you look at your home or lock screen. OnePlus hopes this will help Android users “visualize and better understand their daily digital habits.”

OnePlus Nord N10 | Photo: Editorial staff

Live Wallpaper automatically categorizes your apps into six categories: social, lifestyle and communication, information and business, entertainment, games and tools. Each category has a specified color, and the wallpaper uses them to show which applications you use the most. Currently, the application gives you a choice of three types of wallpapers.

OnePlus also thought about battery life

OnePlus claims that the new application, developed by the OneLab experimental software team, should run without excessive battery consumption. Instead of updating in the background every few seconds, it only updates when the smartphone is unlocked.

The WellPaper app is now available for download from the Google Play Store for devices running Android 7.0 and above.

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Several older OnePlus models are receiving updates these days

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