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these Huawei devices will receive the EMUI 11 update

Huawei has announced its update plans for EMUI 11. The new software will be rolled out to various devices this year. If you have a slightly older Huawei smartphone, you have to be patient for longer.

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EMUI 11 update Huawei: rollout plans new software

Manufacturer Huawei has announced the update plans for the EMUI 11 software via a forum post. In addition, a total of fifteen devices and tablets will receive the new software, which does not mean that you will also get Android 11 right away. Which devices that exactly and when the update rolls out Android Planet listed for you.

The P30 Pro New Edition or Mate 30 are not in the list, but an EMUI 11 update for those devices seems likely. What is striking is that in the above list often referred to as high-end devices. Exactly how it works with update plans for the popular and affordable P Smart series is still unknown. Android Planet has that question outstanding at Huawei Netherlands and will update this article if more is known.

The brand new Mate 40 series is also not mentioned, simply because these devices are already equipped with EMUI 11. You can read our experiences with that device and therefore also the software in our Huawei Mate 40 Pro review.

More about EMUI 11 and Android 11

EMUI 11 is still based on Android 10 and offers many new features, including multi-window and split-screen options. You can, for example, let apps ‘float’, so you can easily use several next to each other. Artificial intelligence also plays a major role in the software, making a device increasingly smarter through your use.

The interface has also been thoroughly overhauled, for example through adapted animations. These provide an even smoother experience and more always on display functions have been added. This way you have even more options to adjust this to how you want. You can read more about the changes in our article about EMUI 11.

About Android 11 plans, Huawei keeps its lips together. We have also checked this with the company, but it cannot make any statements about this yet. Huawei says it is investigating the possibilities.

HarmonyOS as an alternative

In addition, the company is also working on its own operating system: HarmonyOS. That should become an alternative to Android, because Huawei is not allowed to use Google apps and services due to a valid trade ban. For example, they cannot offer the full Google experience, something that many Western people are now used to.

Which devices from the above list will also run on HarmonyOS is still the question. Huawei did indicate earlier that we will see a smartphone with that system for the first time in 2021.

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